3 Words for Creme of Nature - I. Love. It.

Affordability and Longevity. Two terms I always use to give great and accurate judgment towards any product I use. I’ve been rocking with Creme of Nature since day one of my natural hair journey.

Long story short, I’ve always been natural. However, I had heat damage and color damage. As I transitioned into embracing and nurturing my hair back to its natural curl pattern I struggled to find the right products or product combination.

Creme of Nature has a variety of products to choose from that are great for ALL hair textures.

For me, the affordability was KEY simply because I was in the long phase of what I like to call “trial and error”. Creme of Nature products are typically under $15, which is perfect for college students or anyone who’s frugal like me. Also, for my girls who can go through hair products in 2-3 hairstyles due to having a lot of hair, Creme of Nature is FOR YOU...and your pockets.

This past August I collaborated with Creme of Nature for a Back to School campaign using their Coconut Milk collection. I decided to showcase how great their products are by doing my infamous braid out. Check out my tutorial for more in-depth details.


Here are my five simple steps to a bomb, defined, fluffy, and long-lasting braid out:

1. Clarifying

If your hair…..scratch that…. If your scalp and hair are NOT clean you have failed your hairstyle. 

It is imperative that you clean your scalp and hair before any hairstyle you do simply for your hair's cooperation and health. For those who deal with product, build-up do not fall for the “I only co-wash my hair” trap. Please shampoo or clarify your hair, this helps avoid flakes aka “hair boogers”. So basically, A clean scalp = healthy hair growth.

2. Prepping for Style

Whether your 3a-3c or 4a-4c, you should always develop an effective detangling routine to make styling a breeze.

Personally, for me, I always detangle in the shower. With the help of water and conditioner, it's a lot easier to detangle in 4 sections in the shower or sometimes apply your leave-in while in the shower.

3. STYLING !!!!

This is the fun part, yet very crucial. If the format isn't right the results won't be right. If it doesn't dry all the way you won’t be ok.’

Always have inspo. For me, I like to go through a series of pictures to motivate me into doing a certain style. Whether its a side part twist out or a middle part braid out, I have to be worked up into actually doing the style.

For the full tutorial check out my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG4jKvYeZSw

- xoxo,

Kaela Moore x OKae Kaela

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