Are You Maximizing Your Time Towards Your Passion?

We all face a time where life happens. Our time gets filled with tedious work or if you're like me you're in college...That alone says enough.

There are a few principles that I live by that keep me in focus on the goals I have in my life.


Stay in your OWN lane. It’s not a race, but it is a marathon. Every day we have a series of negative thoughts that flow through our heads that attempt to talk us out of doing the very things we dream or love to do. STOP THAT.

FEED YOUR MIND. I wholeheartedly believe in feeding your mind positive thoughts and positive affirmations. When you feed your mind it comes routine and with those thoughts, you must believe and transfer those thoughts into feelings. When you FEEL what you BELIEVE, no one can stop you. This has helped me be an overall better person.

Do it, because YOU want to.

Too many people live for others, yes that includes family members. We often care about what others think and say way too much. Comparison IS IN FACT the thief of joy. The moment you think you're in competition with someone of what someone is doing you’ve already LOST.

Again stay in YOUR OWN LANE. The moment you own who you are, and WHOSE YOU ARE the possibilities are endless. I highly encourage people to tap into themselves full throttle.

How to Tap into YOU.

The concept may seem selfish but it's not. It's for your own good. Being you for you is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

This includes:

  • loving yourself unconditionally, flaws and all.

  • Knowing that there is always room for improvement, there's no need to be PERFECT.

  • Feeding your mind positive thoughts and positive affirmations

  • BELIEVE those affirmations


Now the Time Management Kicks In

Ok so basically you may feel like you have too much going on to really cater to your goals. WRONG. This is how I maximize the gaps throughout the day and week to add to my goals.

Personal goals are so important. It’s also important that you add to it and not allow the ways of life to subtract from those personal goals. IT CAN BE DONE.

My weekly schedule consists of two physical classes between 12:30-1:45 pm and the rest are online classes. Three weeks in and I can honestly say online classes require stronger self-discipline.

Anyway, after 1:45 pm I technically have the rest of the day to myself but I prioritize time slots towards school, studying, and then BUSINESS/MY CRAFT/PERSONAL CARE.

Each time slot I try to give 1-2hrs of dedicated time towards each category.

Specific orders come into the picture depending on due dates for school work.

Now within that, there are time gaps. Times gaps are those 15min where you're just sitting doing nothing.

Time gaps can even be those times you're just chilling on the couch. In those 30min-1hr time gaps of free time, I continue writing on anything I left off on.

I brainstorm within those time gaps. I complete work within those time gaps. I start a new personal project within those time gaps. I MAXIMIZE within those time gaps.

I believe it is very important to be serious about fulfilling your passion by any means necessary. To be completely honest, I get it. I really do, you see social media has placed this false narrative that everyone should reach success first, everyone should be `the first '' to do anything. When in reality we must STOP allowing social media to rush us. Social media rushes us on what is supposed to be our own path, our own story, our own testimony.

Again, Comparison is IN FACT the thief of joy.

To sum things up, if you truly WANT IT you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Trust me, it can and will happen the moment you take the initiative towards fueling your passion.

It's all about will power. The most successful people made TIME for what they wanted to do and wanted out of life. The common denominator is YOU.


Can’t is a contraction for CAN TRY. It's all up to you.

What life-changing decision are you going to make today to fulfill what you’ve been longing for?

Love yourself. You are worthy and most certainly capable of whatever you put your mind and WORK ETHIC to.

Heighten your frequency of love and gratitude. You deserve it. You owe it to yourself.


Kaela Moore x OKae Kaela

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