Keep Your Confidence & Gratitude SHARP

You can never have too much confidence. Too much doesn't equate to arrogance. Arrogance is perceived by those who expect you to dim your light because they find your light superior to theirs.

Let's break this down. Let's make it CRYSTAL clear. I am no expert. I’m still learning myself but what I can tell you is that sharp confidence doesn't happen overnight but watering the seed today will make a huge difference. 

There are people who question everything they do inside based on the validation of others. There are people who compare their every move or appearance to others. There are people who admire yet, belittle the accomplishments of others because it's not happening the same for them. 

Are you that person? Are you solid within yourself? Comparison is in fact the thief of joy. 

STOP seeking validation from the people around you, the people in society, and yes; even your parents. 

Let's face it, your life is YOUR LIFE. The moment you start living in your truth is the moment you can become one with yourself. I am currently in the phase of my life I like to call Becoming & Owning. As we go through our phases we should all learn something new about ourselves.

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero has completely changed my outlook on how to approach the best version of yourself. Get this book, PLEASE.

Here's My Approach

Two things I live by - Words of Affirmations, and BELIEVING. The power of the tongue is real. I’m sure you’ve heard that before so believe it. By believing it, I literally mean know it's true and feel the power of what you say. Society is ruled by what we can see rather than what can happen but we cant see. In other words, we are ruled by instant results and emotionally act on what is currently present rather than what has the potential to be more.

I also live by quotes. Anything that I post I make sure it aligns with who I am, how I feel, and who I want to become. This is vital when it comes to being your best self and improving your confidence.

 I strongly dislike negative clutter. Negative clutter can stem from gossip blogs that are always tearing down people, people who post an excessive amount of negative or inappropriate humor, and people who you know in real life who don't live or portray who they are on social media. Yeah, I said, stay away and clear your TL of fraud. 


When you protect your peace you have the tendency to put out better energy into the universe. When you put out great energy into the universe the universe can reciprocate that energy and bring better or more manifestations into your life. 

The moment you realize how much power you have in your hands to shift your reality based on the peace you protect and the energy you exude you heighten your frequency. In the midst of that you can and will be faced with challenges. 

While facing those challenges it is important to stay solid within yourself. Remember who YOU are. Don’t conform for temporary comfort, don’t dim your light among those who feel threatened. Everyone is facing their own battles each day, but this does not mean shifting your own personal growth for those random circumstances we are faced with.

The moment you realize how much power you have in your hands to shift your reality based on the peace you protect and the energy you exude you heighten your frequency. In the midst of that, you can and will be faced with challenges. 

Once you have nurtured your personal growth know that it is an essential tool, not to be viewed as a weapon. It is important to know that when we hone a new skill it does not mean turn around and belittle those who may not be as far in their personal growth journey but to encourage them and sometimes just pray for them. 

To be fortunate in your personal growth season does not mean to boast in it, but to understand that life could be different and IS your duty to share, have gratitude & share love with it.

What good does it do to build yourself up and tear someone else down?  What good does it do to be blessed yet boast, laugh, and use the same tongue to belittle when your circumstances can be swapped in a matter of months/days/minutes/seconds.

Again, the mere practice of having confidence in all aspects of your life requires discipline and self-checking. Yes, sometimes you have to step back and check yourself. Make sure you’re on the right journey of being a better woman or man than you were yesterday. 

Dig deep into your soul, breathe. Now ask yourself, are you ready to walk into your purpose? Are you ready to be a better person? If you answered yes, you have every tool in your being ready to do so. Pray and hold yourself to it. If you can dream it, it is feasible. God has already given you the tools to enrich your life. 

Tap into you, BE you, Be BETTER and most of all be CONFIDENT.



Kaela Moore x OKae Kaela

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