Must Have Natural Hair Tools & Accessories

Are you stuck on exactly what you need in your natural hair stash? No worries! Here is my guide to the MUST HAVE natural hair tools & accessories you need in your stash.

Let's start with wash day tools!

1. Shower comb: a must have for detangling in the shower.

* The perfect combo with your favorite slip conditioner

2. Hair Clips: YOU NEED THIS IN & OUT THE SHOWER! Hair clips are essential for styling in sections, especially for thick hair.

3. Spa Shower Head: For my thick hair girls you’re gonna love this! It makes wash day 100x easier. Plus it adds a luxe feel to your bathroom.

4. Plastic Caps: Try deep conditioning in the shower using hot steam to help your hair mask penetrate while under the plastic cap.

5. Microfiber Towel: STOP ROUGHING UP YOUR HAIR SHAFT WITH A REGULAR TOWEL! Simply blot your hair the healthy way with a microfiber towel.

Time To Style!

1. Denman Brush: A curly girl essential. Perfect for detangling, slicking back, and defining curls.

2. Edge Brush: Do I even have to elaborate, edges MUST BE LAID!

3. Flexi Rods: Perfect for transitioning naturals. Flexi rod sets always give gorgeous spiral curls.

4.Hooded Dryer: Wanna save your tears and frustrations? Invest in a good hooded dryer NOW! This will cut down drying time on whatever hairstyle you're going for.

5.Hair Pick: The bigger the hair, the longer they stare! Always have a hair pick handy for added volume to your curls.

For More Tools & Accessories Check Out This Video:

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