You Like it Because YOU love it.

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I’m guessing you read that wondering where she is going with this. Great, you’re tuned in. Let's break this down, shall we?

How many times have you second-guessed something you liked because of the feedback you got from someone? Even if that someone is your family member or friend. Be honest with yourself.

Are you constantly sending pictures or asking “what do you think about this” to people and then completely disregarding it because of what that person said?

 Like are you really not going to buy some earrings because your group of friends thinks they are childish? Are you not going to get a second hole pierced on your ears because your mother thinks it's unladylike?

Yeah, you’re triggered, aren't you? Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with asking for a second opinion for anything. In fact, I value my own parents and friend's second opinions on a lot of things.

Perspective. Its all perspective.

Where people go wrong as they completely ignore their own, inner opinion is they value other's opinions more than their own. Let's be real, you like it because YOU love it. Truthfully that's all that matters. 

Your confidence is not solid if you are constantly valuing other's opinions over something you worked up in your heart to like or love. It's like shopping, I know my style, I know what I’m confident with wearing, and I know what flatters me the most.

Even when people laugh at the very things I find my signature thing I still continue to do it. Everybody needs spice. I know my spice and no one can tamper with my spice. Not everyone will like or appreciate your spice. But your spice adds flavor, therefore you are not bland. 

---- It's in you, not on you ---

Yes, you read that right. The very same people who laugh now will eventually come full circle and have to watch in awe how your very spice granted you opportunities they could not fathom. 

Just because someone doesn't like your spice doesn't mean their spice is bad either. That's a big misconception. Not everyone wants the spice, and that's ok. However, you still need to be solid in who you are. True to who you are. 

Watch how much your spice allows you to manifest great things into your life. There is nothing I admire more than people who are living their truth. I always like to go by this phrase “ if it doesn't affect my pay, it doesn't affect my day”. I apply this to everything, not in literal terms always but as a way to evaluate opinions. 

Does my mother's opinion about my outfit today stop me from wearing it? No, because this is me and my outfit embodies my personality. When my friends laugh at my phrases does that stop me from using them? No, because those very same phrases are admired and inspiring those I don’t even know exist and support my brand. 

Does anyones silent words, yes silent as in I heard about it but it was never said to my face affect who I am or go about my life? No, because as I continue to do me and be me my opportunities are flowing in abundantly. 

Life is always about confidence, perspective, and gratitude. Just because someone does not see eye to eye with what you do or who you are does not mean you must diminish the very unique things about yourself. 


Living in your truth is YOUR POWER. 

Like it.

Love it.

Embrace it.


Kaela Moore x OKae Kaela

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